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VRL was created as a network of like minded individuals--getting together--and having thought provoking conversations about the leading social forum of our time...The HIP HOP/POP CULTURE. Welcome to the movement.


mC, Talk Show Host, Activist, Producer, Visionary

Nashanta is a fulltime mother who is constantly working,creating & evolving. She began broadcasting Speak Up & Loose Your Voice -a talk radio show; in addition to writing a Christian Living column. Shortly after that she began making music (as sARAcONNA,mC), and now produces The Visual Radio Broadcast Network.

"Altho music is a large part of me it doesn't complete me. I am complete by doing the work of God...which is bringing the truth to the forefront in a culture where lies are perpetuated. I live for the love of God so He'll love me in life."

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Jobe of Soberminded Music

Rapper. Producer. Engineer. Follower of The Christ Born in Queens, NY.  Raised in Houston, Tx, currently living in Philadelphia,Pa.  1st generation American from Trinidadian parents. Influenced by the 2 golden eras of hip hop (late 80s and early-mid 90s).  Can be contacted for colabs (rhymes or beats) at [email protected]

Damien Walker

Damion is a member of Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church in Third Ward Houston, TX. He is currently attending the University of Houston attaining a B.A. from the Jack J. Valenti School of  Communication, and works at Fredy Kia, the #2 Kia dealership in the nation.

Big Ham

Aaron Hamilton better known as Big Ham aka Soul Rebel has been writing rap lyrics and poetry since the age of 18 but only in 2009 did he start actually recording lyrics with friend Dante Thedford while the two were in Afghanistan.Soul Rebel has continued to hone his craft recently putting out a mixtape titled Love of Hip Hop and Hustle Vol1 introduction of the unheralded. He is also working on a to be named EP with producer and friend Jeffrey Alicea. His style is reminiscent of the Late 80's/early 90's era where lyrics and substance in your rhymes were a requirement and you had to be original. Soul Rebel is destined to be a force in HipHop. He possesses an attention grabbing voice and the ability to craft songs and hooks that comes from years of practice. The rebel is a true talent and his love of the culture will propel him into being mentioned with the great lyricist in the game.
Hit me up on email [email protected] as well.
Mixtapes Love of HipHop and Hustle Vol 1&2 on as well as and