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If We Believe by: Ruach

Every day I
When I wake I
Look to the hills from whenst cometh my help
and I wonder why
So Many youths have tried
Rock for pillows
Concrete for bed

The Collective mind
Like the collective mankind
Overcomes all things
If it is wise
United we thrive 
But divided we strive
Each for our own better way
To keep self alive

But If we believe the sun will rise
Then we will rise
If we believe that war is one man's game
Then no more children will die
If we believe
We'll all have food to eat
If we believe that peace again must reign
End manipulation and pain

The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof
Take a look in the mirror
Do you believe you are a Lord or not
Break the spell that binds
The power is in our minds
It seems like just another day
But change is just a choice away

Rise up children rise up
From your slumber your sleep
It's time we take our next step
on that journey of faith
We're leaving no one behind
Come on...on you we're waiting
Cause If we believe together
There's nothing we can't create

Every day I
When I wake I
Look to the hills from whenst cometh my help
nd I wonder why
So Many youths have tried
Rock for pillows
Concrete for bed

When we believe that we can climb
There's no mountain too high
If we believe that war is one man's game
Then no more children will die
If we believe
We'll all have food to eat
If we believe that peace again must reign
End manipulation and pain

American Rant by: SKOPOS

Many of writtens in my composition observing the opposition

i'm scoping for competition i'm  fixing for revolution!!!!!!! 

I bleed on the constitution!!!!! 

Dead soldiers looking for a Resolution!!!!!!

they stack at the gates of heaven couldn't be let in 

because their government shut down 

 Oligarchs and the plutocrats  republican, democrat

spit out lies i  Rebuttal facts 

you don't see that you probably 

blind they probably saying your property mine killing your 

dreams Constantly Continuously like 

Constantine Slathered The Byzantine 

I'm starting a new Regime 

MY people looking at me

My bars an't aways clean but they aways speaking the truth 

I was in Afghanistan Marching with the troops 

Now i'm watching WTF NEWS

cooking in the STU!!!!!!!

Like whats the law of the land when congress 

don't even follow the law???

and whens the governments shuts down who's paying the cost??????

the poor!!!!

Who's riding the pail horse 

Death riding a pail porch

I pick up a pen like what the hell i

write for cause ever time i protest 

I see the Blue and white doors 

red blue light split you of your rights

don't say a word are they be reading your rights 

and don't be dark as night are they be letting the dogs bite 

you put up a fight i put up a flag 

banner of peace we rally behind that 

I want to take it back before their was crack!

Before before their was trap!

before their was rap!

Before their was gats !

Before their was white! 

Before their was black!

Maybe thats to far 

If i can save the world with two BARs

I would say something you can stand bye

Not the best Mc 

But i'm better then most 


to pauses for a Boast

God whats the future of the star spangle banner 

will we be singing that anthem  in a world gone banana

clips pull it to the fullest and aim it at 

the foolish Grassy Knolls and magic bullet burning crosses 

on your front lawn FEMA CAMPS and fail flag BOMBS

Please remain calm 

Please remain calm and keep your faith aimed to the sky 

I'm spitting the definition of Music With Meaning  so even if i'm dropped from the label my musics keeping the meaning 

  Maybe not what you want 

and surely what you needing 

they want to stop me from breathing 

so i got to switch up the flow like god 

switch up the seasons 

it's amazing we marching in a philly 

winter hearts racing 

and they running to my cadence!!!

Look around and what do you see????

sorry will smith i had to take your title 

now i'm the fresh prince of peace 

Dear mister barack the streets 

are feeling up with the poor 

a decade OF WAR 

I usher the PEACE 

666 thats the sign of the beast 

illuminati want to control me 

Take over the world well you sleep This doesn't bother ME

cause i was told would be inherited bye the Meek

Skopos is Greek for the Watchman

so i'm steady watching 

The snakes in the hedgiest 

I'm changing my heading 

 billie holiday said we where strange 

fruit hanging 

gil-scott-heron said the revolution wont be televised 

I'm American patriot cough in this matrixes 

And i'm the glitch 

harry potter playing quidditch

and i catch the snitch 

 HAHA  i win the GAME BOY

and they an't playing games BOY

i'm the pipiper of Histeria

Milk and Honey: By J-Tonic

Vrs. 1

Eyes up early morning beat the sun today

Dickies and Chucks on looking bright gamma ray

loud motivation look up grey cloud non existent

just another trait picked up as a young adolescent

wide awake chase a dream sleep runnin

step back moment's notice realizin

no denying what I is and what i am

lean back with my brim up cruzin traffic jam

obstacles crushin analytical it's on a verge

success is overwhelming when you splurge


reach the top realizin long fall

legitimate discipline do it for the long haul

spread the wealth and never look back what for

clear conscience softer than a pillow hear me snore

from the sounds duece uno and Lambert and Gunn

representing ella a till the day I'm done

Vrs. 2

It's as simple as that it's a fact yeah I read about it

hungry for knowledge cus it's the most valuable weaponry

expensive and i pondered and i got the cheat code

self taught call me professor built my own mold

leprechaun greedy fuck it I'll make my own gold

keeps me from thinking of the inevitable old

who's with me let's make a team let's make a dream team

a supreme team to swim upstream and what's on top

enuff swag to make these Miley Cyrus bitches scream

o yeah and ice cream

another summer day in LA a beautiful thang

the land of milk and honey pause call the butler

the door just rang

give props to the Pops to move to the city

from the ghetto to the most they call

3rd world country I'm not a Samalian but might as well

u that skinny now u look at your kid skinny as hell and sing

Real: Saadyah Tzvi

it takes two thousand odd years for us to get the picture/ 
since the mountain its been clear laid out in scripture/ 
i sit and drift I reminisce of times we rode like half pipes/ 
amazing how our souls return corrects mistakes of past lives/ 
the last chapter blast the captor found the answer/ 
delete repeated history cuz man its been ass backwards/ 
a second just to meditate and thank Him for his blessings/ 
smiling at the peaks i know the valleys when he's testing/ 
but we standing at the end so put your vests on/ 
prepare to sing that new song cuz theres a new dawn/ 
i can feel it in my chest its just around the way/ 
so pick your brothers up if they fall astray/ 
syncopate the rhythm with the given gift of life now/ 
cuz they be at our throats but they will die down/ 
and we cant lose breath theres so much time left/ 
thats why i unify my rhymes with the divine quest/