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House of Ruach

A lover of the esoteric, musical vibrations and the poetic word, this creative force named Ruach makes one of her contributions to the global family through music.
Loaded with positive messages, inspiring and entertaining, Ruach's unique musical offerings invites her fans on a where you might a destination determined by you the listener...

A child of the rich culture of Jamaica, Ruach grew up surrounded by the cultural diversity only available on this tropical isle...those reflections and influences heard in her Reggae and R&B fusion melodies.

Fans of Ruach's music have been treated to the release of 'IF WE BELIEVE' in June 2013 and her debut album 'EVOLUTION' Oct. 2013  She has also launched the "Cleopatra" line of Wraps and Resort Wear, in addition to supporting Eve for Life, a charity dedicated to young women living with HIV. 
If We Believe
Ruach (E.P Evolution)

Step into her world and experience the energy and unique soul of Ruach..

SKOPOS (the Fresh Prince of Peace)

Jerome Jones, born in 1988 in Philadelphia PA, started writing poetry at 17 when his ex-girl friend broke up with him. At 20, he began using the poetic name SKOPOS (which is Greek for look out for; look into). He also joined the US Army around that time and while being deployed to Afghanistan, the local kids named him the Fresh Prince of Peace. As a soldier, he's spent time in Germany, Spain, France, and the UK; applying each cultural experience to his music and poetry. At 22 someone asked him to record some of his poems as songs. After performing Closed Eyes and Truth, this became a new way of expressing his message. His messages consist of  positivity, historical awareness, and how we make the same mistakes if we don’t educate are selves. In 2012, he left the Army and returned to Philly, wanting to become apart of the music scene and the peaceful culture. Today, he's taken his creativity to a new level with video production & documentary films.

 "It’s hard to say my music is one style. I use rock, hip hop, techno, house, Dubstep, pop , and R&B. I like to keep people guessing". 

American Rant: by SKOPOS



Hailing from Simpsonville, SC. Briana Dawson aka SABALI has created music since she was in middle school. While in school she has played in the school band and has played a variety of instruments including trumpet, baritone and tuba. 

As her portfolio continues to grow, she has made beats for rappers and their mixtapes as well as creating music for her fans. Sabali's sound has been influenced by many producers, like Lex Luger, Southside and even 9thwonder. 

In addition,she is also interested in building awareness around healing after sexual abuse and sex crimes. As she draws from her own personal experiences, she infuses her music with all the passion, intensity, creativity that makes her...SABALI. 

Euphoria: by Sabali


J-Tonic (of Keotic Images Studio)

Jay Ab-One (J-Ton!c)'s music, controlled and chaotic, deep rooted from the San Gabriel Valley punk scene and the influential impact of west coast rap is transparent when you listen closely to his music. His lyrics depicts the social awareness of issues we all are too familiar with whether its domestic or not. Although such topics maybe serious, Jay's comedic play of words brings light to them. He also brings his creativity to the world through visual art on canvas and tattoos. 


[email protected]

J-TONIC - Milk and Honey feat.

Saadyah Tzvi (the Isaerli MC)

Saadyah Tzvi: husband, father, music producer, singer songwriter, guitarist,  EMCEE, beat-boxer, hip hop enthusiast , one G-d love peace ✌ ♥ ✡

A Jewish maverick harvesting music that awakens the spiritual conception of truth and self reflection. Saadyah is a beat making beat boxing machine, but he also spends time tuning his acoustic and freestyling on the mic, can you say jack of all trades? Saadyah is a creature of his own music lagoon. Introduced to turntables in his pre-teenage angst years which later had him producing hiphop beats on FL Studio. Since that moment, Saadyah has been producing and making candy for our ears. Born in Detroit, spending his high school years in New Orleans until Hurricane Katrina displaced him 

to his previous residing town of Milwaukee. He has spent the last six years of his life deepening the connection with his creator(G-d)projecting his blessings into all of his creations. Saadyah is currently living in Israel with his wife and newborn son. He is working on starting his own record label and building his own studio.

Gear in Israel: NI Maschine, Akai LPK25, Sennheiser HD-280 pros, Avid Mbox 3, Audio-Technica AT 2050, MacBook 13-inch Mid 2007


[email protected]

Saadyah Tzvi (Demo)